Change the finger size of a diamond ring

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Changing the finger size of a diamond ring takes special care to ensure that there are no visible sizing lines. At Samara James, we use a special laser for re-sizing our rings as it gives the best quality finish.

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Video Transcript

A diamond ring will last a lifetime if properly maintained. At some point, the ring may need to be resized. It is important that this is done correctly to ensure that the ring stays strong and the stone stays tight.

Traditionally, when you resize a ring, the band is rejoined with solder. Using solder can be a problem, particularly with platinum rings. This is because the solder is softer, and it can wear to a groove over time, showing a visible resizing mark.

Using a laser we are able to introduce high localised heat to melt the platinum, making a platinum to platinum joint, without the need for any solder, and this keeps the ring as strong as when it was first made.

When we resize a ring, the sizing is invisible. It is returned to the customer exactly the same, only a different size, whether that be smaller or larger.

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